About Danielle

Hello! Welcome to Optimal Beauty! I want to briefly tell you my story. I want to share with you the incredible journey I have been on since I discovered what it means to live a life with optimal beauty. What do I mean by this? I discovered true nourishment, happiness and sense of self which has led me to so many amazing things and places since. Optimal beauty is about more than your weight or looking good for a certain occassion. It is about feeling undeniably beautiful and alive inside and out, physically and mentally.

For me, I always wanted to be healthy! I was just doing all the wrong things. After trying to do things the “right” way I was like many who looked for an easy way out. Mostly because at this point I had tried doing it the “right” way and it wasn’t working. I realize now that this was because I wasn’t actually doing the “right” things after all! I didn’t understand the human body in all its wonder and I thought there must be something out there that could rid me of this constant want for ultimate health and optimal beauty. I was right, but it was not what I had initially expected. In fact, it was much, much easier! When I finally discovered my optimal beauty lifestyle I could not believe it. I had not deprived myself, spent hours a day in the gym, counted calories, or taken any extreme methods whatsoever!

I went from wearing a US size 6 to size 0-2! I am so comfortable in my body now and feel like I am the perfect size for me!

BEFORE                AFTER

Since learning how nutrition and natural beauty works I have never felt more alive, happy and healthy. My health improved inside and out physically and my mental state improved just as much. Clarity, mindfulness and a totally new way of seeing the world emerged. You could say, I obtained my dream of optimal beauty! It was unbelievable and still is. I am still learning and experimenting every day, and always will be because I am so passionate about my program, business and living this way of life!

My hope is to educate and inspire other women all over the world so that they may experience what I have! I want everyone to discover Optimal Beauty because it is the most amazing and best experience you could go through and do for yourself. Don’t you think you deserve it? Let me answer that for you. You really, really do! You will not only be thanking yourself, but your body will thank you too. I truly believe that if you are good to your body, your body will be good to you.

So let’s get started! I want to help you through your journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Together, I know we can do it. Sign up for my newsletter and claim your complimentary optimal beauty assessment today!

More About Me:

I grew up in sunny Florida and after graduating from Syracuse University, I did a lot of traveling. I went all over Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I lived in New Zealand  for almost  2 years and in the process not only did I meet the love of my life (my fiancé who I will be marrying Spring 2014), but I also found myself and my true passion for nutrition and natural beauty. I enrolled back into school and became a certified health coach. I have never been so happy or healthy in my life. I now reside in Queenstown with my fiancé and travel back and forth from there to America about every 6 months. I have a serious zest for life and I can’t wait to help you discover your optimal beauty!

You can schedule your complimentary Optimal Beauty assessment with Danielle today! Start living your best life and begin your Optimal Beauty journey- spots are limited so get in while you can!