8 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Recently, I have been discovering so many fun, non-toxic, beautifying things. So, of course, I want to share them all with you! Consider them my little healthy tricks, tips and advice for a healthier, happier life because that is what they are in my eyes and in my life.

1) Eco Tan

I have never in my life (and even in my toxic party girl days) used self-tanner. Ive never had a problem tanning and grew up in Florida, the Sunshine State so I never really went without sunshine. Nowadays, you couldn’t get me near the stuff just based on most self-tanner’s majorly toxic ingredients. However, Eco Tan is the exception. Not only does it give me more of a sunkissed glow each time I use it (which isn’t even every day), but it does not stain (hands, sheets, towels, clothes) and has provided me with an overall healthy glow right out of winter. The best part? It’s organic, contains less than 20 ingredients! All of which are safe for your health, optimal beauty and overall wellbeing. For example, aloe vera juice, cacao fruit and chamomile are a few of the lovelier ingredients. You can find out more about Eco Tan here.

2) A big glass of water with a drop of peppermint oil.









Simple and so delicious! I love essential oils. Love   them. I use doTerra which are organic and certified pure therapeutic grade so you know you’re getting the best of the best. Peppermint is amazing for focus, headache relief, digestion and tastes fabulous. Add 1 drop to a large (about 1 L) glass of water and enjoy! 

3)Beauty From the Inside Out











Dr. Libby is a personal role model to me so you can imagine my excitement when I received her new book as a gift in the mail from her. Beauty from the inside out is one of the major motto’s here at Optimal Beauty so, naturally, I couldn’t wait to dive in. This book is filled with so much fantastic, juicy information and I can’t wait to start sharing it with you all.

4) Self-love cards by Sacred Self

Pic of the cards and my video on YouTube about them. 🙂

In a recent YouTube video I talk about self-love, affirmations and how much I love my Sacred Self Self-Love Cards. Well, let me tell you; when I first got them I was still on my journey towards the Optimal Beauty Lifestyle and I didn’t quite appreciate them the way I do now. I LOVE these cards. I shuffle the deck, pick out 2 from the top and they are always so appropriate for where I am in my life and how I am feeling that day. It’s amazing. I look at them throughout the day as I work and let them remind me of how wonderful I am. 😉 Great inspiration booster!

5) Meditation music on Pandora: “Heart Meditations Radio” 

I have played around with meditation for a while. I believe that it is SO important for anyone looking to live their Optimal Beauty Lifestyle (just sit in stillness, focusing on the breath for 5 minutes per day at least). Ive tried complete silence, guided meditations, etc. This radio station on Pandora (nature sounds, soft, calming tunes) is my absolute favorite. It’s relaxing enough to make you actually want to sit still, yet isn’t disgracing. You can download Pandora on iTunes.

6) Butter LONDON nailpolish

Part of my Optimal Beauty Lifestyle includes non-toxic living (in all areas of life- this includes beauty products, the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others). Butter LONDON is just as beautiful, glossy and hip as any other line out there (my fave used to be OPI), but made without the 3 BIG toxic offenders. Butter’s colors are just as gorgeous if not better! Start buying Butter instead of your usual fave line and slowly, but surely you will have a new collection of toxic-free polish. OR do what I did and start from scratch right away. 🙂

7) The Conversation

It is my new favorite show. So amazing! I can’t recommend it enough and you can watch it all online for free. It is perfect for strong, independent women- or those aspiring to be! Celebrities and influential women are interviewed about love, life, body image, divorce, marriage, beauty, style, career, parenting, wellness and truth. It’s the most real, raw and heart-warming show I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Check it out here.

8) Fit Hoop

“The weighted fitness hula hoop.” This has been so fun to add to my exercise regime! I am always looking for new ways to move my body that are fun. Fit Hoop is fab! You hula hoop for 10 min per day or maybe a few times a week (depending on your schedule) and watch your abs transform. I’m only just getting started, but it’s becoming my favorite ab routine. 😉 Just put some music on and swing those hips. Check them out here!

Enjoy, lovelies! xoxo, Danielle

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DIY: Green Superfood Face Mask

This mask is spectacular. Simple, inexpensive and incredibly beneficial.

The castor oil draws the dirt out of your skin and fights off the acne forming bacteria  and the green superfood powder releases all of its incredibly healing, beautifying nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your skin. Will leave your skin feeling so soft, tight and glowing. It’s amazing.


1 tsp. Spirulina/Chlorella/any kind of green superfood powder you like (I use Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods Blend)

1 tsp. castor oil (learn more about this oil here.)


Stir together, apply evenly to face (except eyes, please), leave for 15-20 min and wash off with a warm towel.

Enjoy, you fabulous Optimal Beauty babe!

Wishing you the best health and beauty life has to offer,


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Coconut Oil: True Love at Its Finest

I have had a serious love affair going on with coconut oil since I was introduced it! So many people are unaware of this miraculous oil. Read this post to discover it in all of its wonder. 

Coconut oil makes you look good, feel good and it tastes fantastic…what’s not to love?

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Used both internally and externally coconut oil:

  • Boosts Energy Levels and Helps Chronic Fatigue
  • Coconut oil is metabolized and converted by the liver directly into energy
  • Maintains Healthy Food Nutrients and is the Best Choice for Healthy Cooking
  • Coconut oil is a highly stable fat that does not oxidize when heated making it a very safe and healthy cooking oil.
  • Increases Metabolic Rate and Leads to Weight Loss
  • Coconut oil increases your metabolism so you burn more KJ’s which leads to natural and healthy weight loss.
  • Supports Immune Function by Killing Disease Causing Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
  • The MCFAs in coconut oil offer antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Supports and Improves Symptoms of Digestive Disorders
  • Coconut oil possesses a gastrointestinal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Creates Radiant Skin – As an Antioxidant it Reversing Free Radical Damage
  • Coconut oil provides fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and super nutrition factors to damaged tissue.
  • Is a Beauty Elixir – Excellent as a Skin and Hair Moisturizer
  • Coconut oil nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair and skin by replenishing the body’s natural oils (Sebum).
  • Helps Reduce Sugar Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar
  • People using coconut oil have noticed their ability to go without food for longer without symptoms of hypoglycemia and with less cravings and feelings of satisfaction.
  • Supports Healthy Thyroid Function and Hormone Balance
  • Regular consumption of coconut oil restores thyroid function by assisting the hormones transport to the cells.
  • Oil Pulling is a Simple and Effective Way to Detox Your Body; An ancient Ayurvedic health tradition which involves using the oil as a mouth wash and spitting it out. The fat enzymes in the oil literally pull toxins, pus and bacteria from the body. It also whitens the teeth.
  • Adults take 2- 4 tablespoons daily and children take 2 teaspoons every morning.
  • When first taking Virgin Coconut Oil start with 1 Tbsp with each meal. Some people experience loose motions for a few days (this may be a sign of intestinal fungal infection or candidiasis as it is being destroyed). For those with a sensitive taste or stomach it may be helpful to mix with tea, juice, yoghurt or add to some food such as oats, nuts and seeds.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is both safe and recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) Fats are chains of carbon atoms that are surrounded by hydrogen. The more hydrogen the more saturation and the more stable the molecular structure.
  • Coconut oil is a saturated fat that consists primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s). The MCFAs in coconut oil possess incredible health-giving properties. Other than coconut oil these MCFAs can only be naturally found in mothers breast milk. This is what gives coconut oil its reputation as ‘The breast milk of mother nature’.
  • The shorter MCFA chains require less energy and fewer enzymes to digest. For most people, coconut oil can be emulsified during digestion without burdening the gall bladder or liver. Unlike animal fats it is also friendly for the kidneys and can help dissolve kidney stones.
  • Thus, coconut oil provides more energy more quickly than other fat sources. People who suffer from poor digestion, especially liver or gall bladder problems would benefit more by using coconut oil rather than other oils in their diet.
  • Immune System Enhancing Properties – MCFA
  • Coconut oil contains the following MCFAs: Caprylic acid C8, Capric acid C10, Lauric acid C12, Myristic Acid C14. Each of these contain antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Lauric acid has the greatest antiviral activity. Caprylic acid is the most potent yeast fighting substance.
  • Research says that MCFAs disrupt the lipid membranes of viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi because their membranes are both very similar. This confuses the microbes and viruses causing them to weaken and become easy prey to white blood cells, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system.
  • Those who suffer from candida and other fungal infections may greatly benefit from coconut oil. Psoriasis and eczema are actually skin infections caused by a fungus and can be helped by applying coconut oil topically.
  • Cholesterol. Much of the mass media claims that saturated fats lead to clogging of the arteries and cholesterol problems, when in reality it is cooked unsaturated fats (commercial and vegetable oils), bad calcium, and foreign cholesterol from eating animal products that constitutes arterial plaque.
  • Coconut oil contains no cholesterol and may actually help lower cholesterol levels. People from areas in the world that have a staple base of coconut in their diet have consistently lower levels of cholesterol than those that don’t.
  • The cholesterol-lowering properties of coconut oil are a direct result of it’s ability to stimulate thyroid function. In the presence of adequate thyroid hormone cholesterol is converted into necessary anti-aging steroids.
  • Dr Raymond Peat who is a leading researcher in hormone health, details how coconut oil, when added regularly to a balanced diet, lowers cholesterol to normal by promoting its conversion into pregnenolone. Dr Peat recommends increasing pregnenolone for women with hormone imbalances.
  • Pregnenolone improves circulation in the skin, gives the face a lift, restores sagging skin, and restores bags under the eyes by promoting the contractions of muscle like cells. Pregnenolone counters fatigue, enhances memory, protects the nerves from stress, and has anti anxiety properties.
  • Antioxidants. Research has also indicated that coconut oil may in itself have antioxidant properties, since the oil is highly stable and reduces our need for vitamin E, whereas unsaturated oils increase our need for vitamin E. Coconut oil is known to produce pregnenolone an anti aging steroid produced naturally by the body and pregnenolone is an antioxidant.
  • Thyroid and Weight Loss. Cooked unsaturated oils suppress the metabolism, contributing to hypothyroidism and weight gain. Bad oils not only suppress our tissues response to the thyroid hormone, they also suppress transport of the hormone on the thyroid-transport protein. Consuming coconut oil regularly restores thyroid function, may help relieve thyroid function, and actually increases the metabolic rate leading to weight loss.
  • Blood Sugar. One of the most noticeable affect for people when they start consuming coconut oil regularly is the ability to go for several hours without eating, and having feelings of hunger without the symptoms of hypoglycemia and erratic blood sugar levels. Erratic blood sugar stresses the system and calls in the need of adrenal glands.
  • Shifting to coconut oil as a major source of our fat and energy normalizes blood sugar levels, increases energy, decreases the stress on our system, and thus reduces our need for the adrenal hormones, and removes the effects of adrenal stress.
  • Cooking. Coconut oil is the most stable of any oil or butter and can be heated to very high temperatures. Therefore if you are going to heat food, coconut oil is the healthiest and wisest choice for cooking. Unlike other fats and oils coconut oil when heated does not form dangerous trans fatty acids because it is a completely saturated fat. Simply making the simple switch to using coconut oil for all of your cooking needs can have tremendous beneficial affects to your overall health and energy levels.

* reference David Wolfe, Eating for Beauty*


  • Organic, extra virgin coconut oil will taste the best and is the only coconut oil I recommend. 
  • Signs of Rancid Coconut Oil:

1. Yellow in colour

2. Blotchy, or a non-smoothe consistency

3. It tastes and smells bad, like stale or bitter – well of course!

4. It makes you gag. This can’t be too clean if you are rejecting it in this way.

Clean fresh and pure coconut oil will be crystal clear when melted and white when solid. During the in-between phase it will naturally be cloudy.

Please note that an initial reaction from coconut oil such as unsettled feelings in the stomach, or a break out of acne, does not necessarily mean that the oil is rancid. A good oil can cause this reaction as your body is going into detox mode due to the effective anti-fungal, ant-bacterial and ant-viral properties in coconut oil. Detox reactions will pass after just a few days of consistent use.


  1. Skin Health: I use coconut oil as my primary face and body lotion/moisturizer. And imagine, all those nutrients you get by eating it, you are absorbing into your skin! *bonus*
  2. Add to a Smoothie (Or Eat Straight from the Jar. I love taking a tsp of coconut oil with a little bee pollen on a spoon)
  3. Shaving cream  (Men and women)
  4. Eye Make-Up Removal : Pure coconut oil is gentle and moisturizing with absolutely no chemicals. It takes off makeup effortlessly and without the harsh chemicals.
  5. Baking
  6. Cooking: Besides grapeseed oil, it is the only oil that won’t turn into a carcinogen when cooked at high heat (carcinogens cause cancer)
  7. Hair mask: After a shower add coconut oil to your hair like a leave-in conditioner. Leave for 2 hours or over night and wash thoroughly once finished. If leaving overnight you may have to wash it more than once depending on your hair type.
  8. Cuticle care: Use as a cuticle care cream
  9. Massage oil
  10. Lip balm
  11. Bug repellent
  12. Shoe polish
  13. Oil pull: gum health, detox, whiten teeth, etc. See how and why in this post I wrote.
  14. Frizz tamer
  15. SPF 4 sunscreen, apply regularly
  16. DIY toothpaste
  17. Facial cleanser

“I personally take around 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day either on salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea!!  I will not go a day without Coconut Oil.  It is also great for the skin and hair.”- Miranda Kerr

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10 Natural Beautifying Tips

by, Danielle Stein

60% of what goes onto our skin goes into your blood within just 26 seconds. In order to truly live a healthy lifestyle we must examine every area, and this includes excluding toxic chemicals from your beautifying practice. I personally follow all of these natural beautifying tips and I love them! I think they have a huge influence on my vitality, health, beauty and wellbeing. But, I want to make it clear that diet will always be the number one source of these things/natural beauty. Make sure you don’t forget to eat the rainbow. Fuel your precious body with foods that are real, whole and natural. Make sure you’re consuming an array of vegetables and a lot of dark, leafy greens. I truly believe that food is medicine and to really discover vibrant beauty diet is of utmost importance.

  1. Use organic beauty products. This includes hair products, skin products and makeup. Ditch the paraben filled, toxic stuff and opt for glorious, natural goodness instead!
  2. Use coconut oil as a beauty product. Use it on your skin (the includes body and face) and in your hair- leave for 2 hours or overnight. Wash after. And voila! Beautiful soft, full, shiny hair and skin. Your skin is your biggest organ. It soaks up everything we put on it. Coconut oil is not only toxic free, but the benefits you get from cooking with it will now be soaking into your skin too. Amazing.
  3. Dry body brush. It gets rid of dead skin, gets the blood flowing, helps with cellulite and feels great! See directions here
  4. Ditch the toxic nail polish. See info for why right here.
  5. Ditch the toxic perfume. Opt for the much more inexpensive, healthier version such as; essential oils.  I am using a ‘rose’ roll-on right now and it is heavenly.
  6. Drink loads of water. Our bodies are 70% water. Drinking an adequate amount of filtered water every day is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  7. Say no to daily caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates us, leaving our skin dull. Switch to herbal tea or warm water with lemon instead. If you’re going to drink coffee, try it like this, opt for only a few times per week and make sure you drink an extra liter of water to compensate for its dehydrating effects.
  8. Forget about sugar. Try to change your mindset and put it out of your daily thoughts. I know, easier said than done, but practice makes for great success. Without getting too deep into this subject; sugar ages us, causes weight gain and is extremely toxic. Just say no and say yes, instead, to natural sweeteners like stevia and fruit.
  9. Oil pull for whiter teeth and healthier gums. See directions here. This may sound strange at first but it is an age-old tradition. It pulls toxins from your system while whitening your teeth and healing your gums. It is the original mouthwash (without the nasty chemicals and toxins)!
  10. Get an adequate amount of sleep. At least 8 hours of sleep every night is crucial for your beauty and health. Sleep deprivation can cause a number of issues including weight gain. You can learn more about this here.

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Food for Beautiful Skin

“The skin is a window reflecting the inside of the body.” – Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist and NY Times best-selling author.

Here’s the deal. Healing our bodies from the inside out is our best possible chance for living our best (and most beautiful) life. The right kinds of food will not only help to protect you from pre-mature aging, weight gain and disease, but it also plays a huge role in how your skin looks.

In our society today expensive skin care and beauty products seem to be the go-to for aging gracefully…or trying to not to look like we’re aging at all.  However, the truth of the matter is that proper nutrition (and of course, hydration) is the key to aging gracefully and obtaining glowing, beautiful skin. For example and in regards to a typical skin moisturizer on the market, “Commercial creams contain a great deal of water. All this water is readily absorbed into dry skin, expanding the tissues and making you think your skin is becoming more moisturized, but as soon as the water evaporates, the dry skin comes back.” This is just one example, but you see, spending oodles of money on expensive (and may I mention, toxic- read more about this here) beauty products is really doing us no good at all.

Therefore, I have a challenge for you. Listed below are the best foods for your skin. Eating these foods will effortlessly turn you into a beauty goddess and benefit your skin for the long run- and the rest of your body will benefit in the process…and who doesn’t want that? As I’m sure you figured out, whichever category you’re having some trouble with- eat those foods in extra abundance!  Have fun and enjoy your beautiful skin!

For more youthful skin:
  1. Red Bell Peppers
  2. Coconut (meat, water, oil -all of it)
  3. Avocados
  4. Spinach
For more radiant skin:
  1. Watercress
  2. Figs
  3. Sweet potatoes (kumara)
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Acai
For softer skin:
  1. Pineapple
  2. Raw, natural Almonds
  3. Raw, natural Walnuts
  4. Flaxseeds (much better in whole form than the oil)
For wrinkle & line-free skin:
  1. Pears
  2. Cabbage
  3. Turmeric
For clearer & blemish-free skin:
  1. Fermented cabbage also known as sauerkraut
  2. Arugula
  3. Onions
  4. Raw apple cider vinegar (you can read more about this here)
  5. Garlic
  6. Lemon
Don’t forget, feed your body the right foods and see your skin improve from the inside out! I will be posting more information on each specific food, but until then you can use the guide above to track all the best beautifying, skin-improving (according to celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Kimberly Snyder) delicious, whole foods. 🙂
Tip: If you aren’t able to buy all organic, stick with the this rule of thumb: the thicker the skin, the less important it is to buy organic. For instance, any fruit or vegetable that you don’t eat in whole (like pineapple and lemon- you don’t eat the peel) you don’t have to worry about as much. Foods such as arugula and cucumber will need to be organic otherwise you will be feeding your body chemicals and pesticides! (eek) *Please avoid at all costs and eat with caution*
All my love,
Danielle xoxo
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Start Oil Pulling Today

by, Danielle Stein

I get asked all the time if there is a natural way to whiten teeth and keep your gums nice and healthy. The secret? No, it’s not expensive (and chemical, toxin-filled) mouthwash, whitening strips or overpriced toothpaste. There is a natural and traditional method. You can oil pull with organic extra virgin coconut oil! The anti-bacterial property in the coconut oil is what causes it to whiten teeth. Not only is this age-old Ayurvedic method (people have been using it for hundreds of years) brilliant for whitening teeth; it actually comes with a NUMBER of other benefits. I bet you’ll be surprised by just how many there are.

Benefits Include:

▪   Whiter teeth and helps with Sensitivity

▪   Better breath

▪   Healthy gums and Cavity Prevention

▪   Clearer skin and helps prevent eczema

▪   Better sleep

▪   Clearer thoughts

▪   Decreased migraines/headaches

▪   Improved allergy conditions and sinus congestion

▪   Improved energy levels

▪   Improved PMS symptoms

▪   It is basically a whole body detox mouthwash. How? The fat enzymes from the coconut oil literally helps extract puss and bacteria from your mouth and all the way down to your gut


▪   First thing in the morning, even before you’ve had a sip of water, take about 1.5 tsp. of organic virgin coconut oil and sip it into your mouth (like mouthwash). If temperatures are colder where you are and it’s solid, warm up so it melts first OR you can do what I do and just let it melt in your mouth (much easier!).

▪   Swish anywhere from 10-20 minutes (twice a day if that suits you!).  Sound long? You can do this while you’re taking a shower, getting dressed, checking your emails, reading, etc. It goes by fast!

▪   Once finished, spit it out and make sure not to swallow any. While you’ve been swishing, the oil has been excreting all of the bad bacteria from your gut all the way up to your mouth, and you don’t want any going back in. After, rinse out your mouth very well. Bushing your teeth at this point is not vital, but I usually do.

I know it sounds odd, but it is so beneficial and it is really not as strange as it seems once you do it.

Gain confidence with your bite and welcome to the wonderful world of oil pulling and all of its many benefits!

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