Video: Do you have a food allergy or food intolerance?

So many people today have a food allergy or even a food intolerance (less severe) and don’t know it!

It can be easy to mistake a food allergy or intolerance with fatigue, an upset tummy, bloating, headaches, irregular bowels, nutrient deficiency, weight gain or weight loss.

If you have an inkling you might be allergic to something then go get tested. Or, if you are convinced you are allergic or intolerant to something try eliminating it from your diet for 2 weeks and pay close attention to your body especially after you eat. I would suggest doing this even if you are also going to get tested properly as many tests aren’t 100% accurate.

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What is My Diet Like?

A big question I get asked all the time: What is my diet like? Am I a vegan? Vegetarian?

If you read my ebook (get your complimentary copy today!) then you will have a better idea of what my diet is like.

Let me go ahead and say now that a diet that I thrive on may not be right for you. That’s why a big part of my program is creating a special road map of health and wellness for each client.

To start with I don’t consider myself vegan , vegetarian or associate myself with any group or category. If I’m craving something and it is a real food, I eat it. However most of the time I stay away from meat, dairy, refined sugar, gluten and anything that is processed. In fact, that is my #1 tip for a healthy life. Stay away from anything that comes in a package, box, etc. It is absolutely best to eat foods in their most natural state, no matter who you are.

If it’s grown in the garden I eat it if it’s made in a lab it takes a lab to digest. -Kris Carr

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Video: Do You Need Supplements to Thrive?

I personally believe in the absolute amazing power of food. I believe it is extremely healing, can be used as medicine and is completely beautifying.

It depends on the person, but I believe in simplifying things and do not think most people need many supplements to really thrive and achieve Optimal Beauty.

xoxo, Danielle

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Video: Defining Self-Love

Let’s break it down. ❤

  • Self love can change your life.
  • Self-love is essential for living a truly healthful life and your Optimal Beauty dreams. You won’t truly feel alive, vibrant and your best if you leave this factor behind.
  • Self love is about accepting yourself, right now, exactly as you are.
  • Self-love is about not worrying what anyone else is thinking. It includes leaving comparison and toxic gossiping behind.
  • There are both acts of self-love and living a life through self-love expression.
  • Self-worth, self-care and self-love all go hand in hand.
  • We need to take time out for ourselves every day.This should not be viewed as selfish, egotistical or self-centered.

Affirmations from Sacred Self’s Self-Love Cards a.k.a. little nuggets of wisdom:

  • “I accept myself exactly as I am in this moment. Now.”
  • “Self-love is letting go of the need for others’ approval. I approve of myself.”
  • “I only feel lack when I am not complete within myself.Today I acknowledge my wholeness and perfection.”

All my love,

Danielle xoxo

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Why You Need to Avoid Store-Bought Almond Milk and Many Other “Healthy” Dairy Substitutes

Today, I explain the dangers of drinking almond milk that is not homemade.

I, too, thought buying my almond milk (and unsweetened and organic at that) was a safe, healthy choice. However, recently I discovered that it is not!

Most almond milk (9/10 times) contain an ingredient called carrageenan.

Unfortunately, almond milk is not the only “healthy”, organic food that contains this harmful ingredient. “Carrageenan can be found in most milk substitute products, infant formula, cottage cheese and some flavored coconut waters regardless if the product is certified organic by the USDA. I know so many people who get soy lattes from Starbucks to avoid having to consume conventional milk products, so I thought it would be pertinent to include them here on the list below, since they and many other coffee shops use soy milk that contains carrageenan.”

Watch the video to learn why and click here to learn how to make your own almond milk! It’s delicious, so easy and satisfying to know there are only 2 main ingredients needed.

xoxo, Danielle


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Video: Listen to Your Body and Enjoy this Precious Life for Optimal Beauty

Optimal Beauty is NOT just about a number on the scale, or feeling fit and healthy for a certain occasion. It’s a lifestyle, and a fabulous one at that! It’s about appreciating the little things, feeling empowered, healthy, vibrant and happy for life. It’s important that we listen to our bodies because there is one thing I know for certain; no one diet works for everyone. We have to learn how to listen to our bodies so we know what it truly needs thrive and function at it’s best.

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Video: Optimal Beauty Simple Tips and Advice

All of sudden, as I was sitting on my couch- I felt the need to connect with you further! This video is my first of many and I will admit it’s a tiny bit sloppy, but I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends! 🙂

Today we learn the importance of viewing food as fuel and the importance behind feeding your body true nourishing foods so that we can flourish and thrive in every area of our lives.

  • Food is not only fuel to help you achieve all of your goals and achieve your optimal beauty dreams, but it’s also extremely healing. Think of the famous quotes:

“When diet is right, medicine is of no need.”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

They’re so TRUE.

  • Many women believe that their body is working against them. They see their body as the enemy. I used to feel like this. However, in reality, our bodies are so miraculous and so much smart than us. Anything they do is most definitely in our best interest. Your body wants to thrive and be the best it can be. The problem is, you may have confused it! Yes, that’s right you can not play the victim card anymore. 😉 When the body doesn’t recognize the ingredients in the food we are eating things like weight gain, illness, disease, low energy, dull hair or skin, brittle nails and cellulite can occur. Therefore, eating foods in their most natural state is crucial. Staying away from processed food is extremely beneficial and so important.
  • When choosing what to eat, think to yourself, “Is this food going to nourish me and help me thrive?” “Is it going to help me maintain the life of my dreams and my optimal beauty?”
  • Another great way to check in with yourself is by asking,

    “How many colors of the rainbow do I have on my plate right now?” “Could I have more?” Do I have any natural beautiful color here?”

    I ask myself these question all the time. They help and will make your meals beautiful!

I hope you enjoy this video! Like it, share it with your friends or email me with any questions you may have!  xoxo, Danielle\

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