Tips for Your Optimal Beauty Traveling Adventures


I travel quite a bit. And I’m not talking about short domestic trips, I’m talking trips across the world. So, healthy preparation and travel tips have become an expertise of mine simply through trial and error.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I’m from America but I live in New Zealand. I am very family oriented and have amazing friends I grew up with so I like to go home every 6-7 months.

When I travel across the country I might be embarking on 24+ hours of straight travel without much sleep and multiple plane rides.

Today, I am going to share with you my favorite Optimal Beauty travel tips! You can use these on any international or domestic flight and road trips too.

  1. Prep your food! Many people don’t know that you can bring any food and any amount of food you want (as long as it fits the carry-on baggage requirements) and doesn’t contain liquid which you can deal with after you get through security. The trick here is making sure the food you’re bringing is A) Filling B) Delicious so you’re not tempted and satisfied C) Nutritious so you can thrive as much as possible. Fab food to bring can be a quinoa salad with nutritional yeast and lemons on the side, quinoa or other grain prepped with coconut oil, salt and pepper, pancakes (yes they travel well!), veggie sticks, fruit, nuts & seeds, 100% dried fruit bar, healthy chocolate such as Luvju from Loving Earth (for sweet cravings). I also bring various selections of tea bags. I bring 3 types 1) for relaxation such as chamomile or Yogi’s Bedtime 2) green tea or peppermint for revitalization 3) favorite tea of the moment which could be anything from vanilla rooibos, Yogi Skin Detox, etc. I also make sure to bring an empty water bottle with me, fill it up in the airport after security as well as buying 2 extra Liter bottles. I also pack super foods in a  baggy to take to the nearest juice/smoothie bar (there is almost always somewhere in an airport with a blender) and ask them to blend it with ice and water and sometimes fruit too. Just make sure to tell them NOT to add sugar because a lot of the time they will think you want it. An example of a good super food blend might be: green powder, cacao powder, maca powder, cinnamon, desiccated coconut, brown rice/pea protein powder.
  2. Equipment. I highly recommend a neck pillow which you can pick up at the airport. They’re small enough to carry around/find a spot for in your bag and very comfortable. Lavender essential oil is always in my bag of goodies for relaxation. Put a few drops on your temples and rub in a circular motion. This will help you relax. Same method with citrus or peppermint essential oil for when you need to wake up. Bring layers. It tends to be very cold on flights and domestic flights don’t always have blankets and international flights don’t always have extras (which I always find I want). A sleep mask. They do give you one on international flights, but you might want to bring your own just in case. The darkness the mask provides will help you fall asleep more easily as light kills the melatonin you need to promote sleep. A good book. Music on your iPod, iPhone, etc. I also bring Chlorella or Spirulina tablets to take in between meals as they help curb appetite and contain a huge array of vitamins and minerals. I also make sure I bring a sufficient amount of my vitamins and supplements depending on travel time. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, milk thistle, B-Vitamisn are all on my list. You might want to bring along some organic stevia for sweetening your herbal tea with and you might want to carry on some toothpaste, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, deodorant and natural perfume. After long flights you’re likely going to be a littttttle stale. Better to have these things with you than searching for them in-between flights.
  3. Starbucks is very useful. You can always get a cup of hot water to steep your organic tea in and if you’re not allergic to gluten you can oder their oatmeal (contains small amount of gluten) without the toppings and steeped in hot water. Flavor with stevia and cinnamon (provided there) and eat as a healthy, filling meal or snack! Delish.
  4. Stretch and walk. During your layovers and on your flights walk around and stretch. Blood clots can occur from sitting for too long. Keep your circulation in motion by stretching and walking as much as possible. Also, it is helpful to wear loose clothing for better circulation and that way your feet and ankles will be less likely to swell up.
  5. Hydrate. I mentioned the importance of stocking up on water above but it’s important to know that flying is extremely dehydrating and you should make a point to drink even more than usual. Coconut water is the perfect energy drink/way to completely hydrate and replenish your electrolytes. If you can find coconut water at the airport you can mix it with green powder for one of the most nutritious snacks in the world.
  6. Be prepared to just relax and chill out. This is important for international flights. They ARE SO LONG and if you’re antsy to “do something” you’re just simply out of luck. It will help a lot with boredom if you just accept that this is a time for you to relax.

I hope this helps!

Do you have any other tips to add to the list?

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Walking Barefoot Has Actual Health Benefits

The hippies in the 70’s might have been on to something…. 😉

Did you know that walking barefoot in nature has actual health benefits for your precious body?

It’s true!

Whether it’s at the beach or in your back yard you reap the benefits. As long as you are walking on ground that is au naturel you’re good to go!

It has been proved in various scientific studies that walking barefoot (or “earthing”) on natural ground can improve health in various ways because of the relationship between the electrons in the earth and our bodies.

“The theory behind earthing — which essentially means walking barefoot — is that the earth is one of the most powerful energy sources; when our bodies make direct contact with the ground, we absorb the earth’s beneficial, natural energy in the form of electrons. The electrons allow us to absorb the positive and let go of the negative. It used to happen naturally when cavemen walked barefoot, allowing them to have closer connection to the earth — and look how healthy they were!”

Amazing huh!?

Some of the benefits include:

-Reduced stress levels

– Fight varicose veins

– Decreased feelings of depression

– Strengthens and stretches your muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves

– Increased antioxidants levels

– Reduced inflammation

– Improve sleep

– Thins blood & creates better circulation making for improved cardiovascular health

But, don’t take my word for it! Take 15-30 minutes to walk barefoot today and see how good you feel afterwards.

Source: Journal of Environmental and Public Health

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8 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Recently, I have been discovering so many fun, non-toxic, beautifying things. So, of course, I want to share them all with you! Consider them my little healthy tricks, tips and advice for a healthier, happier life because that is what they are in my eyes and in my life.

1) Eco Tan

I have never in my life (and even in my toxic party girl days) used self-tanner. Ive never had a problem tanning and grew up in Florida, the Sunshine State so I never really went without sunshine. Nowadays, you couldn’t get me near the stuff just based on most self-tanner’s majorly toxic ingredients. However, Eco Tan is the exception. Not only does it give me more of a sunkissed glow each time I use it (which isn’t even every day), but it does not stain (hands, sheets, towels, clothes) and has provided me with an overall healthy glow right out of winter. The best part? It’s organic, contains less than 20 ingredients! All of which are safe for your health, optimal beauty and overall wellbeing. For example, aloe vera juice, cacao fruit and chamomile are a few of the lovelier ingredients. You can find out more about Eco Tan here.

2) A big glass of water with a drop of peppermint oil.









Simple and so delicious! I love essential oils. Love   them. I use doTerra which are organic and certified pure therapeutic grade so you know you’re getting the best of the best. Peppermint is amazing for focus, headache relief, digestion and tastes fabulous. Add 1 drop to a large (about 1 L) glass of water and enjoy! 

3)Beauty From the Inside Out











Dr. Libby is a personal role model to me so you can imagine my excitement when I received her new book as a gift in the mail from her. Beauty from the inside out is one of the major motto’s here at Optimal Beauty so, naturally, I couldn’t wait to dive in. This book is filled with so much fantastic, juicy information and I can’t wait to start sharing it with you all.

4) Self-love cards by Sacred Self

Pic of the cards and my video on YouTube about them. 🙂

In a recent YouTube video I talk about self-love, affirmations and how much I love my Sacred Self Self-Love Cards. Well, let me tell you; when I first got them I was still on my journey towards the Optimal Beauty Lifestyle and I didn’t quite appreciate them the way I do now. I LOVE these cards. I shuffle the deck, pick out 2 from the top and they are always so appropriate for where I am in my life and how I am feeling that day. It’s amazing. I look at them throughout the day as I work and let them remind me of how wonderful I am. 😉 Great inspiration booster!

5) Meditation music on Pandora: “Heart Meditations Radio” 

I have played around with meditation for a while. I believe that it is SO important for anyone looking to live their Optimal Beauty Lifestyle (just sit in stillness, focusing on the breath for 5 minutes per day at least). Ive tried complete silence, guided meditations, etc. This radio station on Pandora (nature sounds, soft, calming tunes) is my absolute favorite. It’s relaxing enough to make you actually want to sit still, yet isn’t disgracing. You can download Pandora on iTunes.

6) Butter LONDON nailpolish

Part of my Optimal Beauty Lifestyle includes non-toxic living (in all areas of life- this includes beauty products, the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others). Butter LONDON is just as beautiful, glossy and hip as any other line out there (my fave used to be OPI), but made without the 3 BIG toxic offenders. Butter’s colors are just as gorgeous if not better! Start buying Butter instead of your usual fave line and slowly, but surely you will have a new collection of toxic-free polish. OR do what I did and start from scratch right away. 🙂

7) The Conversation

It is my new favorite show. So amazing! I can’t recommend it enough and you can watch it all online for free. It is perfect for strong, independent women- or those aspiring to be! Celebrities and influential women are interviewed about love, life, body image, divorce, marriage, beauty, style, career, parenting, wellness and truth. It’s the most real, raw and heart-warming show I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Check it out here.

8) Fit Hoop

“The weighted fitness hula hoop.” This has been so fun to add to my exercise regime! I am always looking for new ways to move my body that are fun. Fit Hoop is fab! You hula hoop for 10 min per day or maybe a few times a week (depending on your schedule) and watch your abs transform. I’m only just getting started, but it’s becoming my favorite ab routine. 😉 Just put some music on and swing those hips. Check them out here!

Enjoy, lovelies! xoxo, Danielle

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Video: Defining Self-Love

Let’s break it down. ❤

  • Self love can change your life.
  • Self-love is essential for living a truly healthful life and your Optimal Beauty dreams. You won’t truly feel alive, vibrant and your best if you leave this factor behind.
  • Self love is about accepting yourself, right now, exactly as you are.
  • Self-love is about not worrying what anyone else is thinking. It includes leaving comparison and toxic gossiping behind.
  • There are both acts of self-love and living a life through self-love expression.
  • Self-worth, self-care and self-love all go hand in hand.
  • We need to take time out for ourselves every day.This should not be viewed as selfish, egotistical or self-centered.

Affirmations from Sacred Self’s Self-Love Cards a.k.a. little nuggets of wisdom:

  • “I accept myself exactly as I am in this moment. Now.”
  • “Self-love is letting go of the need for others’ approval. I approve of myself.”
  • “I only feel lack when I am not complete within myself.Today I acknowledge my wholeness and perfection.”

All my love,

Danielle xoxo

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How to Practice Gratitude for Your Physical and Emotional Health

by, Danielle Stein

Today, I want to talk about “being grateful”. This phrase seems to be thrown around a lot and when I first heard it I didn’t exactly know what it meant. You may have heard that it’s “good for your health” or “it’s important to practice gratitude every day”. But, what does it mean to be grateful for something? What’s the point of trying to figure it out? It’s important to write it down and say it out loud, but why? And last, what am I MOST grateful for, right now (this is where we will take a look into “my story “).

The word “Grateful” is defined by as: “Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.”

That’s great, but it still doesn’t really look at the true meaning.

Here’s what I have figured out. Being grateful (or “being mindful”) of all the wonderful things you have literally has the ability to improve your life in so many ways. Studies have been done that can speak for each benefit I have listed below. Furthermore; writing down what you are grateful for and/or saying it out loud is the real key. It is truly amazing what a simple, quick exercise can do for you emotionally & physically.

Being Grateful…

  • literally makes you feel happier
  • boosts your overall wellbeing 
  • promotes better focus
  • allows for more overall life satisfaction
  • can make someone more able, socially
  • can make you a better friend allowing you to be able to boost people higher
  • can help you sleep sounder 
  • can make your romantic relationship stronger
  • improves positive thinking
  • can control heart rate variability (because you will be more appreciative and positive)  
  • can improve the immune system (because the immune system is linked to optimism and positive feelings)
  • can decrease stress levels 

As I’m sure you have gathered, being “grateful” has so may benefits; there are basically no limits.

Recently, I was asked, “What are you most grateful for right now?”

My first reaction? My family, friends and fiancé are all incredible and they are all in good health (as am I)! That’s the most important thing. Life in general…is amazing.

And yes, there are much bigger blessings in my life than my answer stated below. However, in that moment I decided to focus on myself and my health & wellbeing.

I told them…

“I have so many things I can be grateful for in my life. It’s hard to pick the biggest. Obviously my friends, family and fiancé come first. But right now, the biggest thing that I am grateful for is discovering true health and wellness and turning that from simply a passion into a career. I now run my own health coaching practice and love every minute of it! I have discovered my true calling and in the process have discovered what it is like to live life really feeling alive and vibrant. I struggled with my weight and energy levels for years. I never really neglected my health, I was just doing all the wrong things. I listened to the media way too much and followed fads. When I finally understood what true nutrition is and learned how to actually take care of myself everything fell into place. It was magical. Weight fell off, energy levels went up, stress levels went down and a sense of clarity draped over me in a way I would have never imagined possible. It truly changed my life and I now have a career where I can help others do the same. What could be better?”

So…what’s your biggest blessing? What are you grateful for?

Tip: Personally, I use Sacred Self’s Gratitude Journal to practice being grateful. I write down what I am grateful for (typically about 5-6 days a week) when I first wake up (while I am oil pulling- see benefits & my how-to guide here). Sometimes I want to skip it, but I don’t because I have learned how grounded, full of love and peaceful I feel after I do. It only takes me about 5-10 minutes and it’s the best way to start the day.  I invite you to experiment and figure out the best way  to practice gratitude for you so you may reap the many amazing benefits too.

~~~Here’s to ultimate health, optimal beauty and appreciating the wonderful life we are living. And from now on, wherever you go, go with a grateful heart!

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source: Huffington Post , Pic #1, Pic #2.

20-Step Plan to Re-Vamp Your Life

by, Danielle Stein
Previously posted on:

With a season change upon us, it’s important to take extra good care of ourselves. Therefore, I’ve designed this little 20-step plan, full of tips on how to re-vamp without feeling hungry or doing anything too extreme.

Be prepared to take it easy and wake up the next day feeling better than ever.

1. Start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon.

Ditch the caffeine and instead enjoy a cup of warm water, with the juice of half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. This sets you up for good digestion, boosts your metabolism, and will make your liver very thankful. It’s also extremely hydrating and alkalizing, unlike caffeine, which is very acidic and sure to dehydrate you. Caffeine also exhausts our liver and increases our levels of cortisol, which can lead to an inability to eliminate toxins or efficiently burn fat. Yikes!

2. Drink clean, filtered water all day.

Your water should be either warm or at room temperature or warm so your body doesn’t have to waste any of your energy warming it up before it can be beneficial and hydrating. It will also purge you of toxins and increase elimination. And don’t forget, hydration is the key to vitality and health. After all, we’re made of 75% water.

Bored of regular water? Try infused water! Some of my favorite combinations are: strawberry and mint, peach and sage, cucumber and basil.

3. Start your day with greens.

Have a green juice or a green smoothie for breakfast. (Or both!)

3. Meditate.

Or simply sit and focus on the breath for at least 1 to 5 minutes or preferably 15 to 20 min.

4. Relax.

It’s time to get comfy! Watch your favorite movie or read a good book.

5. Skip the sugar.

Make sure you skip sugar and drink some deliciously healing herbal tea throughout the day. Teas are filled with antioxidants and very satisfying. My favorite right now is peppermint or vanilla. If it’s too hot outside for tea, simply make a big batch and place in the fridge for a refreshing drink.

6. Use affirmations.

Write down a few affirmations on a Post-It note and place them on the fridge, bathroom mirror, or any place you’re sure to see them frequently. Throughout the day, repeat them to yourself. One of my favorites is, “Take action, live with purpose, be grateful.” It helps keep me motivated.

7. Snack on activated walnuts.

They’ll satisfy you as well as provide you with brain power. How? Walnuts are a prehistoric food and they contain omega-3 fatty acids (which are usually found in fish sources such as salmon). They help stimulate brain and nervous system.

8. Read what inspires you.

Pick a few articles from blogs and websites that you find inspiring and read them throughout the day.

9. Chew!

Chewing is essential for optimal digestion (and therefore, for a healthy weight and waistline). Try chewing each bite 30 times as a goal. Since you’re having such a relaxing day, you can surely make more of an effort towards this today. Chew, chew and chew some more.

10. Eat in peace.

Be in a peaceful place while you’re eating each meal today; physically and mentally. You should make an effort for this every day, but today is the day to be more conscious of it since you’re making all the rules.

11. Dream big.

Make a list of your 3 Big Goals and 3 Small Goals, as of right now.

12. Feeling creative?

Make a vision board! Use magazines or the internet to make a collage of images that remind you of your most important goals and dreams. Look at this board every day. Visualize these goals happening. This is proven to be very powerful. (Oprah actually uses this strategy!)

13. Light some incense.

My favorite at the moment is white sage. (It’s very peaceful.)

14. Have another fresh juice with carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger and lemon.

It will give you an energy boost and it’s super delicious, the perfect boost and contains tons of vitamins and minerals.

15. Take a bath and spoil yourself with the works.

Use everything! Aromatherapy, bath bubbles, bath salts, and candles. (If using candles, make sure they’re non toxic. Look for ingredients like soy wax, beeswax, and vegetable wax, which won’t fill your lungs with toxins.)

16. Enjoy some low-key exercise.

Connect with nature by walking barefoot on the grass or beach (also great for getting your daily dose of Vitamin D), do some yoga, or simply stretch. Endorphins will surface and lift your spirit and immune system higher.

17. Take a nap.

And don’t feel guilty about it.

18. Cook for yourself.

Try making a new, healthy recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

19. Laugh.

Call your best friend or watch a funny TV show. Laughing is good for the soul and will actually put you in a good (or better) mood.

And finally…

20. Use lavender.

Put some lavender oil on your temples for a calming, relaxing sensation. It’s sure to soothe you and it smells fantastic.

If you want to learn more and obtain your Optimal Beauty dreams you can take inspired action now!