Creamy Chocolate “Green” Milkshake

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I’m a huge fan of green smoothies and all of their benefits. I’m also a huge cacao/chocolate! This smoothie is great as it resembles a chocolate milkshake (yum!) and has dark, leafy greens in it. Play around with the amount of stevia and cacao you like. This is great for breakfast! I love drinking this “milkshake” with a cucumber, watermelon salad on the side which is so hydrating, sweet and delicious. Simply, chop organic cucumber and watermelon and enjoy. *Swoon*

Creamy Chocolate Green Milkshake

  • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk- find recipe here.
  • 1 banana
  • 4 handfuls spinach
  • 1 packet organic stevia
  • 2-3 Tbsp. Cacao powder
  • ½ avocado
  • optional: 1/2 cucumber

xoxo, Danielle

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Raw Chocolate: It Doesn’t Get Much Healthier Than This

I use cacao powder in a lot of my dessert and smoothie recipes.

I am a HUGE chocolate lover. Always have been (it runs in the family;) )

Today, I am going to explain to you why I eat chocolate desserts not only feeling guilt-less, but with the satisfaction of knowing just how well I am treating my body.  It’s a fabulous win win.

Cacao powder is the raw form of the more commonly recognized ingredient, cocoa.

Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) is ground up from the actual natural state of cocoa. Cacao is actually, in its raw and natural form, a bean.

Cacao powder, which is what I use in my baking/blending is ground up from this bean (which you can use in smoothies too).

Unlike cocoa it is raw a.k.a. not processed and contains so many nutrients it could make your head spin.

It is so nutrient-dense that ancient tribes used to use it as money- it was that sacred to them.

It is the #1 source of any plant-food of: magnesium, copper, iron and zinc

In fact, the amount of magnesium it contains is referred to as therapeutic and its iron levels are off the chat. A mere 28 grams/2 Tbsp/1/8 cup of cacao contains 323% of the RDA (recommended daily amount) of iron.

It is very high in manganese, chromium (balances blood sugar levels) and phosphorus (for strong bones).

Its antioxidant levels are the highest of any food in the world.

  • 10-15 x greater by weight than blueberries
  • 20x greater than red wine (the real, red port wine which is beneficial to health and wellness and very high in antioxidants)
  • 20x greater than what is in the highly acclaimed green tea.

Cacao also has an affect on our mood. It contains phenylethylamine, a natural chemical which actually creates an emotional high similar to feeling ‘in love’. It also creates seratonin which is a chemical released by the brain that creates a sense of well-being.

You may have also heard of “superfoods” and cacao being placed in that category. How does a food earn its “super” status? By its ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Cacao’s level is so high it makes other healthy foods (berries, bananas, etc.) looks very normal thereby cacao in its SUPERfood category. Its level is 900. A banana? 1.

Cacao is very bitter (think extremely dark chocolate) on its own but the health benefits are enormous. It’s the #1 anti aging/longevity food. Of course, mixing cacao with a sweetener such as raw honey is still healthy as both parties possess a lot of nutritional value, but eating it the way ancient tribes did (bitter and practically on its own) is the healthiest. It used to be mixed solely with bee pollen or as a concoction containing water, corn and cayenne pepper. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t get that extreme,. However, I WOULD add it to a green smoothie with no extra sweetener. It is also important to recognize the fact that cacao powder loses almost all to all of its amazing nutritional benefits once heated. So, if you are looking to enhance your longevity and reap major beneifts health-wise making some raw chocolate, cacao cookies or a cacao milkshake (to name a few) could be your best (and very tasty) bet.

Cacao powder can be found at your local health food store or you can order it online. You can get baking, blending and creating today!

xoxo, Danielle

Information from this post was found here and here.

Pic source: found here.

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4 Recipes: Homemade, Raw Dark Chocolate!


My name is Danielle, and I’m a chocoholic! However, I love to make my own. All the chocolate I make is raw, organic, healthy, dairy-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. It is easy, fun, so nutritious and I have the ability to make it taste just the way I want. I am going to give you 4 variations that I absolutely love. Feel free to add in whatever ingredients you love. Nuts (soak them first, see guide here.), goji berries, dried fruit, unsweetened desiccated coconut, etc.

I took this picture of some of the chocolates I made at home!


All of my chocolate recipes are made with the superfood, raw form of cocoa (highly processed and little to zero nutritional benefit) ; cacao- it’s beyond amazing! Pronounced: ka-kow.

Some of its more amazing feats include: improved brain function, very high in antioxidants, very high in magnesium, promotes heart health, quells headaches, mood enhancing, aphrodisiac, and even promotes healthy skin and aids in weight loss.  Read this post I wrote to learn all about it!

#1) The Original Raw Dark Chocolate


* 1/4 cacao powder

* Just under 1/4 cup organic, extra virgin coconut oil

* 1 tsp. raw honey

* 2 packtes natvia or stevia (or to taste)


Mix all together in a bowl and place in rubber mold. Then place in freezer for 20+ minutes and enjoy!

#2) Raw Banana Dark Chocolate

You will need a rubber mold for this recipe as well.  (See picture above.  I love the heart-shaped mold!)


* 1 cup organic, extra virgin coconut oil- If you’re in colder weather right now you may need to let the jar of coconut oil sit in a bowl of warm water for about a minute or so until it’s melted.

* 1 cup cacao powder

* ¼ mashed banana

* ¼ coconut oil

* Stevia/Natvia, to taste


Mix ingredients together in a bowl and  place chocolate into the mold.  Place in freezer (at least 20 min) and wait for them to set!

#3) Instant Creamy Banana Dark Chocolate

This thrid recipe is REALLY quick and so yummy! You can throw it together and eat it within minutes. Make enough for a sinful tasting snack for yourself or double, triple the recipe for guests or dinner at a friend’s.


* 3 Tbsp. of cacao powder

* 3 Tbsp. of organic, extra virgin coconut oil

* Banana, mushed and to taste

*Stevia or Natvia, to taste


Mix together and eat! If you’re not a fan of banana you can replace it with avocado. It is very creamy and delicious and no, you can not taste it at all!

#4) Instant Cherry Dark Chocolate

The fourth recipe contains Medjool dates and cherries! It is also just as quick as the second!

Serves 1


* 2 Medjool dates, pitted (might be easier to process them if they have been soaked in filtered water for 15-30 min)

* 2 Tbsp. Cacao powder

* 5 Cherries, pitted

* 1 Handful of walnuts

* 1 Tbsp. organic, extra virgin coconut oil

* Splash of water

*Stevia or Natvia, to taste


Combine all ingredients together in a food processor. If you have a vita mix you can use that! If you are finding consistency too liquidy, add more dates or cacao powder. Don’t use too much stevia, it is really sweet! Double or triple the batch for a bigger serving. Enjoy!

Picture below of the chocolates without a mold->


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