“Those who are lucky enough to meet Danielle are inspired to be a better version of themselves every single day!”

“Danielle has always been a role model for me not only in holistic wellness, but in areas where it really matters – things like courage, grace, optimism – inner strength, self love, forgiveness.

“As an entrepreneur I’m always on the go, and as a passionate yoga & zumba instructor, I’m always looking to nourish my mind body and soul. Along the way Danielle has helped me bring balance and nourishment to a hectic and busy lifestyle. It’s because of her that I always carry around a cooler!”

– Jennifer, USA 

“Danielle has changed my life completely, giving me confidence and the motivation to reach my goals!”

“Not only is Danielle knowledgeable and professional but she is easy to talk to. Danielle lives what she coaches which is inspirational!”

“So far all the guidance and support Danielle has provided has VASTLY improved my weight issues, skin and general well-being and I look forward to continuing the journey.

sarah-Sarah, New Zealand

“I now feel as though I do no have to try to eat healthy it just comes naturally!”

“I have always tried to eat healthy and be mindful about what I put in my body, little did I know there were still some major changes that I needed to make.”

“Danielle has been such a motivation in helping me reach my goals. Her vast spectrum of ideas and insight on what it truly means to be “healthy” has influenced me in more ways then one.”

“She has really been there for me on my journey to “optimal beauty”!

“Danielle’s soul beams with passion and love for life and it truly rubs off on you!  Also Danielle’s recipes are sooooo delicious and inspire me to be creative in the kitchen as well!”


 -Laura, USA

Danielle has lead me on a path where I’m no longer on a diet, but a lifestyle change that has me eating amazing fresh foods and not counting calories!”

“I used to think “fat free” and 100 calorie packs were OK on a diet. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so it’s nice to have lots guilt free recipes! Not only is Danielle so knowledgable, but she’s a truly motivational and incredible being and believes in everyone’s ability to be and feel there optimal best!”

“Danielle has opened my eyes to what clean healthy eating truly is!”


-Katherine,  USA

“Danielle has taught me all about true healthy eating, being a more positive person and believing in myself. She has an ‘anything is achievable’ attitude.”

“With her help, knowledge and positive, approachable & supportive nature she is right – We can achieve anything!”


-Rachel, Australia

“Danielle Stein has such a wealth of knowledge!”

“She has inspired me to make small changes to my diet over time and now I am happy to report that I feel better than ever and have reached my ideal body weight without dieting, something I thought was totally impossible in the past!”

One of the most valuable things I have learned from Danielle is how to create healthy simple meals. With my busy schedule, this is a must!


-Sierra,  USA

“Danielle has helped me pay closer attention to my body and its needs, and she is completely invested in helping me find the answers to any questions that arise.”

“Danielle has provided me with so much guidance on living healthier! Even her little tips have changed my everyday lifestyle, such as using coconut oil and reading the ingredients of my so-called “healthy” almond milk!”

“She’s so encouraging and knowledgeable, and I recommend her to anyone looking to feel more balanced and more radiant!


-Melissa, USA


“Danielle truly believes in what she teaches and it shows in the way she lives her own life.”

“Danielle has been such an inspiration to me. She is so full of knowledge about wellness and I find that every conversation I have with her I learn something new about healthy living!”

“Danielle has shown me so many wonderful ways to incorporate healthy living into my life. One of my favorite things she taught me was drinking daily green smoothies, which I love and is such a great way to get in more veggies and fruit in your diet! Thank you Danielle for spreading your wealth of knowledge to us all! You are such a great person and so full of passion for what you do!”

– Maya, USA

Are you ready to start your Optimal Beauty Lifestyle journey? Are you ready to start living your life extraordinarily as if it were nothing out of the ordinary?