The Optimal Beauty Starter Kit: Cleansed

Get excited because The Optimal Beauty Starter Kit: CLEANSED  is the PERFECT way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and it was created just for you!

There is so much information provided! Nutritional confusion will be unveiled, a grocery shopping list provided, a full 7-day meal plan (snacks included) and full on healthy, beautifying recipes too!

All of the recipes are made with beautifying, cleansing ingredients and are gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free and sugar-free. You will find the recipes in your meal plan and can use the grocery list to make sure you have everything you need for the week.

This eBook is perfect for the woman who is looking to slim down, re-set her body and gain ultra clarity without deprivation or starving.

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Praise for The Optimal Beauty Starter Kit: 

Wow!! Danielle’s beauty and generosity really blows me away every time. This Optimal Beauty Starter Kit is filled with quality optimal beauty tips, meal plans and recipes that will assist you in stepping into your optimal beauty lifestyle with ease and elegance!!!

I’ve been blessed to connect with Danielle on a deep level through our work together, and I am truly constantly inspired by the elegance, grace, beauty and power that she embodies in her life and business.

Since being introduced to the Optimal Beauty Lifestyle, I have been able to infuse more of me, and show up at a higher level in my life and my business. She is truly an expert in this area!

If you are looking to infuse beauty in your life and business – so that you can receive more energy and abundance, I highly recommend Danielle’s work.

I have seen this woman live and breathe her message of optimal beauty, and I know that working with Danielle will assist you in living your optimal beauty in your life and business – something every woman requires!

Jia Ni Teo
Beauty & Prosperity Coach

Danielle has compiled a gorgeous guide to living a life full of wellness and optimal beauty, full of informative tips, advice and delicious recipes!

Do you find the “nutrition” talk gets confusing? Danielle has communicated the important information in an easy to read and understand format that anyone will be able to process and then integrate into their day to day life.

I highly recommend this guidebook for anyone lost and unsure of the steps to take in their health and lifestyle transformation.

Summah O’Donnell

Health Coach & Meditation Teacher

Danielle’s eBook “The Optimal Beauty Starter Kit” is a fantastic foundation for those looking to establish dietary and lifestyle practices that are going to support their health and wellbeing.

Beauty comes from the inside, and Danielle gives some really good advice, backed up by reasons why, on how to get there. Not only are you gaining a whole lot of valuable information, but you also receive a menu plan with recipes to help get you started.

Jasmine Matthews

Holistic Nutrition + Yoga Coach

Danielle’s ebook is a handy and easy to follow guide to a healthier life.

If you are looking to understand your body and increase your health, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s full of nice tips and advices as well as yummy recipes!

Pauline Hanuise

Holistic Health & Recovery Coach

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